Karma and Luck begins daily Sage Smudging Ceremonies at all 13 Las Vegas locations


Karma and Luck Begins Daily Sage “Smudging” Ceremonies at all 13 Las Vegas locations

Karma and Luck – a modern spiritual lifestyle brand known for its fine home décor and exquisitely crafted natural stone jewelry sets out to unify cultures with its unique retail, adds daily blessings


Las Vegas, NV (December 2, 2018) – Karma and Luck (Karmaandluck.com) a Las Vegas-based modern spiritual lifestyles brand – designed to unify cultures, celebrate diversity and introduce the West to the beautiful spiritual customs of the Middle East and Far East through jewelry and home décor begins sage smudging ceremonies at all locations – daily, to bless the environment.


“We are starting the “smudge” ceremony daily at all Karma and Luck locations on the sacred 11-11-11 day because we feel our space honors this sacred ceremony,” said Vladi Bergman, founder and owner of Karma and Luck. “Our goal is to make a positive impact each and every day by cleansing the air and energy for our customers and our team members. By smudging sage, we give way for positive vibrations to permeate our stores and our merchandise while positively elevating the moods and vibrations of those who share in the Karma and Luck experience, each day,” he said.

Karma and Luck team member Taylor Hightower sages the Karma and Luck store at Fashion Show Las Vegas, a new daily ritual to bless and cleanse the stores daily. www.karmaandluck.com


“The world has changed – and it became evident that there is a deep desire for retail that aids to manifest healing, purpose and clarity through ideology,” said Bergman. “I was born in Ukraine and grew up in Israel. My passion is to travel the World and I have visited different and interesting destinations all over the Far and Middle East regions, including some very remote places. It was a blessing to be exposed to all forms of religion and spiritual beliefs. I always wanted to know more, and began actively searching for answers. Speaking multiple languages, I consider myself to be a Citizen of the World. Karma and Luck was created to be a spiritual world in retail that celebrates all cultures. We share the true story of all beliefs and dream under one roof. Our jewelry and home décor is made of the finest gemstones, raw healing crystals, and natural stones to drive meditation, healing and spiritual growth.


In addition, every single purchase made at Karma and Luck, whether in store or online, undergoes a takeaway blessing in a Tibetan Singing Bowl, another ritual implemented by the team at Karma and Luck to bless its merchandise before it leaves the store.

Licensed Psychic Mystic Mona performs a Sage Smudging Ceremony near the Karma and Luck signature Buddha statue at Fashion Show Las Vegas www.karmaandluck.com

“Our customers are men and women who are spiritual in nature and believe in manifesting dreams, desires and setting intentions. Our customers are diverse in religion and beliefs, but share a common bond through human connection and have a love for learning about different cultures and areas around the world. At Karma and Luck there are no boundaries or limits to the imagination. Our customers appreciate beautiful jewelry and home décor that brings calmness and peace to their inner being. They are looking for something different than a traditional retail store. They enjoy being swept away by the décor of our stores that instantly transports them to different areas of the world. Our customers desire worldly experience and find inner peace through our merchandise. Our customers, too, are searching for answers. We just add additional blessing when the store opens, and when merchandise is purchased. Our gift back to our customers,” he said.


Karma and Luck connects fashion, jewelry and exquisite home décor with meaning and purpose. The message of “uniting cultures” has been present since the brand’s inception under the direction of founder and entrepreneur Vladi Bergman, who has traveled the world seeking customs, rituals, and spiritual unity in vast regions for the purpose of bringing these items to the West. A seven-year resident of Las Vegas, Bergman has spent his life traveling around the globe, connecting with cultures and diverse worlds and creating Karma and Luck and its extensive line of jewelry, home décor and spiritual retail components.


With its unique retail lines of fashion and latest mod styles of jewelry and home décor, Karma and Luck has set itself apart by blending Far East and Middle East with the West on a mission to unite cultures and showcase diversity. By using spiritual and unity as a platform, and locating the most distinctive retail from many corners of the world, Karma and Luck provides healing and a calm sense of purpose with every item it presents. The signature line of relic and symbolic jewelry – charms and iconic symbols (Evil Eye, Hamsa, Om, Tree of Life, etc.)- strikes a deep cord in the heart of spiritual sensibility. Karma and Luck offers an extensive men’s, women’s and children’s line of jewelry, and has recently expanded to include gifts, home décor such as Turkish chandeliers and floor lamps, Buddha statues, Monk and Celedón tabletop ceramics, Bonsai Trees of Life using Feng Shui map, and stones and symbols, “Standing Bells,” also known as Tibetan mediation singing bowls and a new line of yoga mats and more.

Vladi Bergman, owner of Karma and Luck and Crystal Expert Tawney Cheyenne share a moment discussing crystal healing and manifestation at Karma and Luck at Fashion Las Vegas. Karma and Luck has 13 locations in Las Vegas. www.karmaandluck.com


“Uniting cultures has been the heart of our brand since we opened and we will continue to travel the world searching for unique symbolic fashionable jewelry and home décor that will provide elegance with meaning and spiritual connection for our customers,” said Vladi Bergman, founder of Karma and Luck.   “Every piece of jewelry and sacred décor we select for Karma and Luck is hand-crafted, the finest quality and distinctive. Not only is our retail line spiritual, but we hope to spread an important message of unity, peace by manifesting gratitude and sharing it with our Las Vegas locals as well as visitors from around the globe,” he said.


Karma and Luck is currently open at: The Venetian; The Forum Shoppes at Caesars Palace; The Mirage; Miracle Mile Shops; Flamingo Las Vegas; Harrah’s Hotel & Casino; Westgate Resort & Casino; Luxor Hotel & Casino; Excalibur Hotel; Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.


Karma and Luck at Fashion Show Las Vegas is located at 3200 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 and will be open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


About Karma and Luck

Karma and Luck is a modern spiritual lifestyles brand of delicately crafted natural stone jewelry and home décor uniting cultures around the globe with spiritual meaning and enlightenment, symbols of unity and healing. Its inviting home décor created by artisans from different cultures is intriguing and grounding and now includes a men’s, women’s and children’s line of spiritual and symbolic jewelry, and home décor, Buddha statues, Bonsai Tree of Life using Feng Shui, Turkish lamps and so much more. Karma and Luck Headquarters is located at 1945 E. Russell Road, Ste. 208, Las Vegas, Nev., 89119 or by phone, 1-855-702-1438. www.karmaandluck.com


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