Astrologer Cam White Meets Astronomer Dr. NY Misconi, Las Vegas Astronomical Society

Las Vegas Astronomical Society Guest Lecturer Astronomer Dr. NY Misconi & Las Vegas Astrologer Cam White – White Light Astrology

Do Astronomers & Astrologers see eye-to-eye where science meets metaphysics-energy meets matter-Astrophysics meets the Astral Birth Chart? Thanks to the Las Vegas Astrological Society, and astronomers/galaxy stargazers, it was an honor to hear Dr. NY Misconi’s keynote lecture last night at CSN Planetarium/Las Vegas.

The Sagittarius Astronomer, 78, who is noted as the first formal Astronomer of Iraq had a dynamic talk with Astrologer Cam White (Leo), founder of White Light Astrology on the energy forces of Venus, Mars & Jupiter and how the planets interact in the Universe. Both Astronomer & Astrologer clearly saw eye-to-eye.

“It was interesting to discuss his proven theory that Venus and Mars have a greater gravitational force on Interstellar and Inner Planetary Dust than our largest planet Jupiter. He was fascinating,” says White. 

Misconi discussed The Zodiacal Light-an 18-minute majestic shield of light that shines everyday between Sunset & Sunrise. His lifelong study of Interstellar Dust vs. Inner Planetary Dust and its relevance to this light shield was discussed in amazing detail. His book is “An Immigrant’s Journey into the Cosmos.”

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