Tutor Kings, Private Tutoring for All School Subjects, K-12, College

Tutor Kings is a Las Vegas-owned company that provides skilled tutors for all school subjects. The spring semester programs are gearing up, and Tutor Kings provides SAT preparation, finals and general course studies.

Tutor Kings is a full-service tutoring company that specializes in all school subjects from kindergarten through college. Adam Brustein, owner and operator of the tutoring platform and full-time teacher in the CCSD has more than 30 hand-screened, talented tutors that are all licensed and/or degreed teachers in all respective school subjects and able to service all academic skill levels from remedial to those students that are more advanced.

The Tutor Kings program is geared to work directly with a student’s classroom textbook and syllabus to match their specific needs while, matching tutors to fit the needs and personality of a child with one of his specialized tutors, thereby enhancing the learning experience with personality and skill.

“Due to the combination of rigorous course work and after school sports and activities, along with the change in this year’s school schedule which ends in May, we are seeing an increase need to work with students one-on-one in all areas of scholastics because of this year’s increased intensity,” said Adam Brustein, owner and founder of Tutor Kings. “Whether your child attends public, charter, or private school systems, or is home-schooled or already in college, we will create a tailor-made program to reinforce a student’s academic skills while building confidence in subjects that might be a challenge,” he said.

Now approaching six years in Las Vegas, Tutor Kings specializes in all areas – mathematics (such as algebra, calculus, geometry), physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, English, reading, foreign languages, and more. In addition to academic tutoring, Tutor Kings will also create an individualized prep program for proficiency exams and standardized testing, SAT, ACT testing, Nevada State Proficiency exams and college prep programs.

“Our tutors come to your home, or we can meet at any place that is available for the client,” said Brustein. “We also work with special needs children and can create highly specialized programs based upon the needs of the individual child,” said Brustein.

“We have seen a growing trend in the tutoring profession,” said Brustein. “Mostly, parents are utilizing our services because they want to advance their child rather than play catch up. We offer specialized programs for the individuals’ schooling needs and can guide children to not only keep up with the daily work, but also make sure they stay ahead of the curve,” he said.

Brustein, a teacher by trade in his 20th year with CCSD leads the talented team of 30 Tutor Kings. For more information, visit www.tutorkingslv.com, or call 702-497-5267, or email tutorkings1@gmail.com

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