Las Vegas Astrologer Cam White Announces Natal Chart Planetary Energy Readings, On Sale Now

Las Vegas Astrologer Cam White, Founder of White Light Astrology announces a new list of Natal Chart energy reading platforms available for purchase.

Utilizing ones personal birth chart (date of birth, place of birth, and exact time of birth) – White interprets the current planetary positions and movement in juxtaposition to one’s initial birth chart, giving way for a snapshot interpretation of personal scope, feelings and reactions in today’s current planet alignment.

“In order for us to grow and better understand what makes us tick, we need to know our etheric place in the Universe. Our personal planetary alignment in relation to today’s planetary positions helps us become aware of our strengths and weaknesses on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Our current state of mind, how we react to people and situations, can then be easily evaluated once we understand the essence of who we are,” said White. “This is the first step in understanding yourself and why we react the way we do, and what we can do to control and drive our actions in the future,” said White.

“Planetary energy flows down to Earth and into our inner consciousness, when the planets in our galaxy rotate, the cosmic energy changes – minute to minute. This causes our vibrations to shift and elevate, which inevitably transforms the way we react to daily issues and interactions,” said White.

White reveals a deep sense of character analysis through reading the birth chart horoscope to be used to understand “self” and the relationships with others both personal and professional. Natal charts can help those focus on and develop strengths, as well as seek ways to balance weaknesses, satisfy family life, point the way toward a fulfilling career, and guide through life’s ups and downs with confidence and voyage towards ultimate life’s purpose.

“Planetary energy and its rapid movement is a means to evaluate life’s significant decisions, understanding our gifts and talents, determine our compatibilities of individuals, and gain insight to our ultimate pathway and focus,” said White. “Once you learn your fundamentals of who you are, the quicker you begin to take daily life circumstances into your own hands, and navigate your own future. Natal chart readings help guide you to deeply understand you,” he said.

Personal Reading Menu – 2018

Natal Chart Readings $100 (1 Hour)

These sessions dive into every aspect and placement within your natal chart, tailored in a unique way to best help you understand yourself in where you struggle, and the areas that need work. A key element will highlight your strengths and discover where your power truly is – in order to operate at your highest frequency.

“What’s Going on Right Now” Readings – $150 (1 Hour) or $200 (2 Hours)

These consultations explore the many varying aspects, transits, and progressions in a multitude of charts to explain complete awareness and understanding as to why you are experience what you are currently experiencing, what areas that need to be fixed/finished/acknowledged/changed/or operated differently. This reading will help to set up affirmative, positive, forward-moving action in order to pursue best possible outcomes with what you are currently experiencing, and what you hope and/o expect to handle in the future.

Synastry/Composite/Relationship Readings $150 (single-1Hour) $250 (Couple-2 Hours)

These sessions are for wanting to know how to best handle many forms of relationship scenarios – love, intimacy, needs, desires, healing, and future action. These sessions are done with Natal, Progression Transiting, as well as other specialized chart systems. For couples seeking a better understanding and clarity on the relationship, this will involve the combining of several charts that will not only show both individual perspective on relationships and self, but will also show side-by-side the correlation between two people, strengths, weaknesses, and will gain insight on how to best communicate within many areas of life and interaction. (Your chart + Their chart = Energy of Relationship.)

Destiny/Life Path Readings $200 (1 Hour)

This reading is for those that want to seek to clearly understand and define self, and the potential within to achiever inner power, recognize past issues and to clearly define what no longer serves the best interest of self. This reading will define strengths, weaknesses, passions, and future decisions and will showcase internal elements that will help define a new road and journey. Readings are completely focused on one’s inner gifts, talents and abilities, and how they are currently used to pursue future life’s purpose.

About Cam White and White Light Astrology

White was born and raised in Cherry Valley, Calif., and has lived in several states during his early years. A current Las Vegas resident, White has been teaching planetary energy for the past five years. Alongside being certified in PSI and a wide variety of leadership and life coaching skills, White was granted a Psychic Arts-Science license from the City of Las Vegas in 2017, launching his business to expand to personalized sessions and personal readings. White teaches a variety of astrology courses and provides personal readings at Enchanted Forest Reiki. ( For more information on readings, please contact

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