Cam White – Astrologer and Founder of White Light Astrology Names Preferred Public Relations as Talent Management, Public Relations Agency

Astrologer Cam White, creator of White Light Astrology, signs talent management agreement with Preferred Public Relations.

LAS VEGAS – January 24, 2018 – Michele Tell, CEO of Preferred Public Relations is pleased to announce the company has entered a formal partnership and agreement with Astrologer Cam White, founder/creator of White Light Astrology to develop and manage a national branding platform for the 21-year-old Las Vegas resident.

Cam White and his Astrological Platform, known as White Light Astrology, is a current YouTube power, lecturer, philosopher and diviner on planetary energy and vibration, showcases and explains how the up-to-the-minute changing patterns of our Universe affects everyday reactions and emotions in real-time. In addition, White also focuses on historical timelines and events to reveal where planets and other significant objects were positioned during watershed moments that significantly changed our history, which lends to the idea that other major life-changing events may happen when the planets exactly align in the same correlation. His methodology showcases that the same planetary energies may create the same type of experience, decades or even centuries from now.

“When we first learned about Cam’s capabilities and his insights on his methodology, we were very impressed with his insight on how he interprets such the complex subject of the continual changing relativity of planetary objects in the Universe and how it pertains to our everyday lives – making sense of how it may be affecting our thoughts and emotions in such a short amount of time as a 90-minute lecture. Cam has a gift. His infectious love of Astrology and his proficient way of explaining and teaching planetary energy and vibrations brings clarity while his audiences and while giving a sense of empowerment, ownership and sensibility to his guests – almost immediately,” said Tell.

Life Amplifier is the appropriate description for who he is and what he does. He is young, and ambitious and has such a range of knowledge, passion and wisdom, through continual study and observation, about planetary positioning and its affects on individuals through incorporating the exact correlation of their birth – date, time and place of birth. Cam takes all the information given and can specifically individualize information on how the Universe is aligned to each individual and how it affects each of us on a daily, week-to-week or longer-term projections. It is hard to believe he is only 21,” Tell said.

About Cam White and White Light Astrology

White was born and raised in Cherry Valley, Calif., and has lived in several states during his early years. A current Las Vegas resident, White has been teaching planetary energy for the past five years. Alongside being certified in PSI and a wide variety of leadership and life coaching skills, White was granted a certified psychic license from the State of Nevada in 2017, launching his business to expand to personalized sessions and personal readings. White teaches a variety of astrology courses and provides personal readings at Enchanted Forest Reiki (


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