Rainforest Adventure Swings into the Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Rainforest Adventure Swings into the
Las Vegas Natural History Museum

The Engelstad Family Special Exhibition presents; Rainforest Adventure
Open to the public May 27 – Sept. 4

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Grab your pith helmet and get ready to embark on a journey to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum for it’s newest traveling exhibit – Rainforest Adventure, coming Saturday, May 27 and running through Monday, September 4.

Swing like a Spider monkey, discover a rodent that weighs over a hundred pounds, and learn about a beetle that can carry over 850 times its own weight. Visitors to Rainforest Adventure explore one of the least known habitats on earth in a fully interactive maze exhibit, full of the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest.

The journey begins in the highest treetops surrounded by migratory birds and radiant sunlight. In an effort to reach the forest floor, guests answer questions about the rainforest. Incorrect answers lead to dead-ends while correct answers lead them deeper into the four layers of the rainforest: emergent, canopy, understory, and forest floor.

Created by Minotaur Mazes, Rainforest Adventure offers visitors an interactive experience that empowers them to make a difference after they learn how essential rainforests are to human health and survival, and that by caring for the rainforest they are caring for the planet.

“Rainforests are called the ‘lungs’ of the planet because of their important role in producing oxygen. Not only are they a fascinating place to visit, they are critical for our well being, said Las Vegas Natural History Museum Executive Director, Marilyn Gillespie. “We are very excited to tell their story with this very interactive fun exhibition.”

Admission to the Museum starts at $10 for adults. For more information on the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and the Rainforest Adventure exhibit, visit Facebook, Twitter or www.lvnhm.org.

Minotaur Mazes is a Seattle-based, worldwide traveling exhibitions company specializing in complete, interactive exhibition experiences within a maze setting. Mazes are engaging both mentally and physically, and a tactile experience helps visitors young and old retain ideas long after they have left the exhibit. Minotaur is committed to crafting quality, creative exhibitions that introduce ideas of sustainability and personal responsibility for the world and its people.

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum opened in 1991 and is a private, non–profit institution dedicated to educating children, adults, and families in the natural sciences, both past and present.  Through its interactive exhibits, educational programs, and the preservation of its collections, the Museum strives to instill an understanding and appreciation of the world’s wildlife, ecosystems, and cultures.  Please visit www.lvnhm.org or call (702) 384–3466 for additional information.

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