Aspiring Scientists Get a Hands-On Laboratory at Las Vegas Natural History Museum



The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is converting a 1,200 square-foot space into a working laboratory that will have three objectives; to serve as a paleontological and archaeological prep lab for college students, a research facility for science professionals and a live exhibit for Museum visitors of all ages. The Lab, the only one of its kind in Nevada, will align with the Museum’s mission to inspire, through educational exhibits and programs, a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

Opening to the general public on the Museum’s observance of “National Fossil Day,” Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016, the Learning Lab will closely engage audiences and aspiring scientists to share their passion and knowledge of natural history. The Fossil Day celebration will also feature the artwork from the 2nd annual Protectors of Tule Springs art contest: “Southern Nevada During the Pleistocene” hosted by the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

Saturday, Oct. 8
11 a.m.- noon: A special presentation of the art contest winners and comments by Museum officials

Las Vegas Natural History Museum
900 N. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Media are encouraged to cover the event.
Interview opportunities are available with the following:

Dr. Joshua Bonde, resident paleontologist and UNLV geo-science professor
Additional UNLV research associates