Explore Ancient Rome Like Never Before This Summer at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum





The Englestad Family Special Exhibition presents; Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World which will be open to guests June 4 through September 11, 2016

LAS VEGAS, Nev. From the Italian Artisans who cultivated The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition, comes the Las Vegas premiere of Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World, to be housed at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum as part of its traveling summer exhibit program. Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World will be available to Museum guests June 4 through September 11, 2016.

Hand-crafted by three generations of Florentine artisanal experts, the Ancient Rome Exhibition explores an epic era in world history from the triumphant victory of Julius Caesar over the Gauls in 52 BC, to the transformation of Rome from a Republic and the rise of the mighty Roman Empire. Visitors will take a hands-on journey through the Roman Imperial period exploring military war machines, significant construction inventions like pottery wheels and grinding mills, large-scale technical innovations like cranes, water pumps and much more. Learn to tell time using sundials and water clocks, even navigate ancient maps to plot a journey from Britannia (Britain) to the Far East.

“With every exhibit we acquire as part of our traveling summer program, we get to witness the excitement and wonder from not only our youngsters, but from the adults as well,” said executive director of the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Marilyn Gillespie. “We are honored to have Ancient Rome right here in the backyard of Las Vegas and the family-friendly exhibit offers a unique experience for people of all ages.”

With more than 50 intricately crafted and interactive pieces on display, the collection transports Museumgoers to the height of the Roman Empire, almost 2,000 years ago to a time of heroes and powerful Emperors. Guests are submersed in the secrets of the Colosseum and Roman roads, while experiencing the feeling of a Roman legionnaire in the invincible “tortoise-shell formation.” The exhibition also showcases material inventions such as the book, glass windows and long lasting cement, which continued to provide worldwide modern benefits well past the fall of the Roman Empire in 476AD.

Admission to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum starts at $10 for adults. For more information on the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and the Ancient Rome exhibit, visit Facebook, Twitter or www.lvnhm.org.

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum opened in 1991 and is a private, non–profit institution dedicated to educating children, adults, and families in the natural sciences, both past and present.  Through its interactive exhibits, educational programs, and the preservation of its collections, the Museum strives to instill an understanding and appreciation of the world’s wildlife, ecosystems, and cultures.  Please visit www.lvnhm.org or call (702) 384–(DINO) 3466 for additional information.