IQ Onsite™ Announces First Two Pilot Programs of its Campus Ping Smartphone App partnering with Florida’s Volusia County School District and Daytona State College


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January 11, 2016

IQ Onsite™ Announces First Two Pilot Programs of its Campus Ping
Smartphone App partnering with Florida’s Volusia County School District
and Daytona State College

Las Vegas, NV – IQ Onsite™, an innovative technology company specializing in mobile customer relationship management, recently debuted a smartphone app called Campus Ping, positioned as a next-level, two-way communication tool between students, faculty and campus security departments. Today, IQ Onsite announces the signing of its first two pilot programs in 2016 with the Volusia County School District and Daytona State College.

Campus Ping, a division of IQ Onsite™, is a smart phone app that enables organizations to send and receive proximity-based targeted messages and security alerts using wireless iBeacon and GPS technologies. Campus Ping has a myriad of customizable features, including: security alerts that can be immediately communicated to or from students, faculty or campus security in a specific area of a campus – on a safety, health and welfare level; a silent alarm for immediate safety concerns; and non-emergency communications such as service announcements/requests, evaluations, special events, entertainment and marketing messages. These features, designed to be extremely user friendly, make it easier than ever for users to report concerns, and for incidents to be accurately documented through the organization’s incident management software, enabling administrators and law enforcement to date stamp reports for investigative and retrieval purposes.

The Volusia County School District in Florida was the first school district to initiate a pilot of the Campus Ping app, which debuted as a customized parent communication tool in 2016.  “We were impressed with the Campus Ping app as a way for us to conveniently communicate directly with parents, and the project’s zero cost was instrumental in our decision to adopt the program,” said Volusia County School District spokeswoman Nancy Wait. “We are piloting the app with 10 schools within our district to work out any kinks and make sure it functions the way we want it to before rolling it out in all 70 schools,” she continued.

Daytona State College, located in Daytona Beach, Fla., also quickly took notice of Campus Ping’s capabilities and is the first college nationwide to embrace the new app. It’s customized Campus Ping app will launch in April 2016 for students and faculty. Daytona State College is part of a 28-State College network in Florida.

“We look forward to seeing how Campus Ping works in the trial run,” says Tom LoBasso, president of Daytona State College. “With the safety of our students and staff on campus a top priority, we continually explore effective ways to increase safety communication and alerts.”

Free to clients and users, Campus Ping is completely underwritten by corporate partners, which makes IQ’s approach a transformative platform innovating how public and private partnerships can work together to make a positive impact. Unlike its competitors, IQ Onsite consults directly with school district or university officials to customize its solution specific to client needs. This results in the creation of a multi-faceted product that accommodates each client organization’s unique and individual needs to better serve its constituents. The company is inviting colleges, universities and school districts interested in learning more to contact partnerships@iqonsite for a no-obligation consultation on its pilot program.

IQ Onsite intends to introduce and expand its suite of mobile app products, specifically designed to enhance school and student-parent relationships including areas focusing on increased security. Education is a nearly trillion-dollar industry, and there are up to 20,000 potential deployment locations for IQ’s Campus Ping apps within the U.S. alone. With the ever-increasing need to enhance school security and improve overall communications with parents and other stakeholders, IQ is poised to scale its operations and establish itself as a leader in this high-demand industry.

“In today’s world it is more important than ever to give students and parents a tool that allows them to engage with campus security and administration in real-time, by adapting to the evolution of technology with the main device virtually every citizen communicates with – their smartphone,” said James Beckmann, founder and president of IQ Onsite. “It’s simply logical to empower the millions of active bystanders within campus communities to work hand-in-hand with authorities as partners to help keep our schools and surrounding environments as safe as they can be,” Beckmann continued.
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About IQ Onsite™, Inc.
IQ Onsite™ is an innovative technology company specializing in mobile customer relationship management (mCRM) based in Daytona Beach, Fla. with West Coast offices in Las Vegas, NV. The company develops Apps for college campuses designed to integrate student, faculty and security communication through beacon hardware, GPS and other geo technologies that service SmartPhones.  IQ Onsite™ also develops specific Apps for health care, sports & entertainment and other high traffic properties, destinations and industries.  IQ Onsite™ is headquartered at the Daytona Beach International Airport within the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Business Incubator Center for Innovation and Technology, located at 601 Innovation Way, Daytona Beach, Fla., 32119.  For more information, call 702-254-5704 or visit Find IQ Onsite and Campus Ping on Facebook or Twitter @IQOnsite and @CampusPing.