F Group International Announces Support of Elected Officials in Clark County, NV on Fusion Project, A Proposed International Multi-Sport, Entertainment, Hotel and Convention Complex

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 F Group International Announces Support of Elected Officials in Clark County, NV
on Fusion Project, A Proposed International Multi-Sport, Entertainment, Hotel
and Convention Complex

Fusion Project Seeks No Public Funding for Las Vegas Green Sports Village

Las Vegas – F Group International Inc. (FGI), the company behind the proposed state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex named The Fusion Project, announces it has earned the support from Clark County Commissioners as well as working in collaboration with Youth Sports of the Americas. The co-founders, Daniele Fortunato (CEO of F Group International) and Gaetano Di Renzo (CEO of GDR Studio International Consulting & Associates) have been working on this project for two years and have in that time developed a multitude of international strategic alliances that will partner in bringing the concept to fruition in Las Vegas. Fortunato and Di Renzo have also generated major political and community support for this ambitious, multifaceted facility. Chad Christensen, former Nevada State Assemblyman and managing director of Christensen Co., has recently partnered with Fortunato and Di Renzo to guide the process and has been consulting on the FGI project since its inception.

The Fusion Project’s main components of the multi-functional Sports Village include: A versatile stadium that can accommodate up to 70,000 spectators for a wide range of major league, professional sporting events as well as hosting concerts for attendance for up to 90,000; multiple towers to accommodate hotel, meetings & conventions, office space and a retail/shopping area. The project intends to host several other aspects from the sports world, to include Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Football, and their respective Academies. In addition, Polo Grounds and Equestrian Center are being planned as well as a professional motorsports race and test track. Multi-sports academy and training center will offer educational programs and systems for training of professional athletes and young amateurs. “To make this dream possible we have tried to identify a sport that acted as a driving force for the entire project, and to us it was natural to assign Soccer, the most popular sport in the world, such a role. The basis of our project is a global vision of mankind and habitat through the international interaction of sport where the development of human potential and sense of belonging come together within this community.said Di Renzo.

Since Fortunato began work on introducing The Fusion Project in Las Vegas, he has received letters of support from Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, Vice Chairman Larry Brown and Lawrence Weekly – who is also the Chairman of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority. The Fusion Project developers have also had contact on the State level including State officials such as Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison, State Senator Michael Roberson and Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson, all are very excited to help bring soccer to Las Vegas.

As the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Nevada and as the Chairman of the Nevada Commission on Tourism, I am proud that Las Vegas is recognized as one of the premier travel destinations around the world with over 40 million visitors coming to the city last year. To ensure that we continue to attract more visitors, Las Vegas must continue to bring new events and attractions, and a professional sports team would attract travelers from all over the world. I look forward to working together in support of your efforts to bring professional soccer to Las Vegas,said Lieutenant Governor Hutchison

F Group International and Clark County are working proactively together to secure land space for the Fusion Project. “The vision incorporates sports, entertainment, shopping, dining, lodging, environmental stewardship and a commitment to give back to our community. The Fusion Project is a project that would help define the future of Las Vegas and it would have a positive impact on our visitor volume especially from the international market. A project this unique belongs in Las Vegas – the Entertainment Capital of the World,said Commissioner Brown.

The FGI team will also benefit from the extraordinary expertise and experience of William E. Finley, nationally known planner-developer of large-scale communities, including the new city of Columbia. “During my years as the Director of the National Capital Planning Commission in Washington, D.C., I had the privilege of working under President Eisenhower and later, with President Kennedy.

In my 60-year career in planning and development of large-scale projects and communities, I have never seen a more thorough or feasible Business Plan. After study and conversations, I am positive it will be a world-class complex. It is no coincidence, that a World Class Architect, and my dear friend for over 50 years, has had the same impression of admiration after viewing the project, and has given immediate availability to collaborate on this extraordinary and unique sports project. Soon we will officially announce the name of our future partners. For a project this visionary we had to choose the architect that is considered the most visionary in the world! ” said Finley.

Another important collaboration that enriches the social and cultural content of The Fusion Project is the collaboration with Youth Sports of the Americas. They will bring their youth athletic enhancement platform to the Fusion Project – including their youth athlete development, training programs and competitive events.  In addition to their signature impact on the Fusion Project’s youth development, CEO and President Dr. Michael F. Bergeron and his team will work closely with Dr. Lawrence J. Lemak, world-renowned orthopedic surgeon and Chairman of the Board of YSA and Dr. Roddy McGee of Las Vegas in developing and overseeing the overall sports medicine and athlete training complex. “Our evidenced-informed and holistic focus for each youth athlete will be reinforced by creating a comprehensive and cohesive environment and international resource for youth sports research, education and distinctive athlete services and programs.said Dr. Michael F. Bergeron, President and CEO of Youth Sports of the Americas (YSA).

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be collaborating with the Clark County officials, Nevada State Authority and such notable professionals to bring this exciting project to Las Vegas.said Fortunato.

F Group International was created for development and sports projects worldwide and recently has become a partner of the Royal Diamond Group, owned by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Khaled Bin Ahmed Al Hamed from the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, UAE and under the management of Dolly Tablet. FGI has been instrumental in helping to build and secure several business partnerships and relationships for the Royal Family. “When Gaetano and I started this company, we were thinking that The Fusion Project was just the beginning of something with great possibilities internationally and for the future. We had the vision of this company but are working with people who have decades of international experience. The company is growing, and working with the Sheikh is a privilege and an opportunity for U.S. companies to establish an important connection with the city of Abu Dhabi under the partnership of the Royal Family.said Fortunato

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