Dinosaurs Roam Vegas this Summer! Three museums collaborate to fill the valley with dinosaurs through September

JULY 21, 2015

Dinosaurs Roam Vegas this Summer!
Three museums collaborate to fill the valley with dinosaurs through September

Las Vegas – Discovery Children’s Museum, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and the Springs Preserve teamed up this summer to present three distinct yet complimentary Dinosaur experiences to Las Vegas locals and visitors.  Part lucky coincidence, part planning, collaboration of the three downtown museums offers indoor prehistoric adventures to Dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. Dinosaurs Roam Vegas is the first of many upcoming partnerships dedicated to spreading the word about the diverse cultural opportunities in Southern Nevada.

The Dinosaurs Roam partnership started with discussions among directors and curators for each of the three museums and evolved through connections made with the formation of the Las Vegas Museum Alliance (LVMA) in late 2013.

“We realized that the convergence of dinosaur experiences this summer provided us a perfect opportunity to give guests a reason to visit each other’s museums,” said Aaron Micallef, Springs Preserve Curator.

“Interactivity is the key to the partnership – all three exhibits explore different eras and elements of the Dinosaur story,” said Marilyn Gillespie, Director of the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

“This is a great co-production that gives dinosaur fans and future scientists something fun and educational to do this summer, and we’ve added a discount to make it worth triple the trips,” said Tifferney White, CEO/President of Discovery Children’s Museum.

One of the key elements for collaboration among the museums has been a centralized website that allows visitors easy online access to the 25 museums and nature centers throughout Southern Nevada. Vegasmuseums.org was launched as a portal to the websites of each of the LVMA members and as a landing place for information about promotions and partnerships like Dinosaurs Roam.

Be sure to visit vegasmuseums.org for information about the next cultural collaboration – Las Vegas Museum Month 2015. The whole month of October gives tourists and local visitors a chance to “Discover our Cultural Spirit” and enjoy great discounts and specials at museums throughout Southern Nevada.

About Dinosaurs Roam Vegas
Dinosaurs roam downtown Las Vegas May 16 – September 20 with three different exhibits at three museum venues. May 16 – Sept. 15 starts the Dinosaur Revolution at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Dinosaurs – Land of Fire and Ice opens at Discovery Children’s Museum May 30 and makes it’s home there for the summer through September 13. And on June 21 Dino Summer  begins at the Springs Preserve combing the elements of Be the Dinosaur and Dinosaur Discovery traveling exhibits into a customized Dinosaur experience. See one – see them all and enjoy discounted admission to each museum. Check promotion rules at each location to receive 20% off. Visit vegasmuseums.org for promotion information and lvnhm.org, DiscoveryKidsLV.org and springspreserve.org for exhibit details.