IQ Onsite™ Integrates SmartPhones and Campus Security Patrol with the Launch of Campus Ping App


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IQ Onsite™, Inc. Integrates SmartPhones and Campus Security Patrol with the Touch of ‘Silent Button’ App Campus Ping

Technology company creates proximity-based App security system available for college campuses with partner technology-leader Gimbal, Inc.

Las Vegas, Nev. – June 22, 2015 – IQ Onsite™ has developed the next level for students, faculty and campus security departments to communicate within vast campus facilities and landscapes through the utilization of a proprietary three-way communication SmartPhone App called Campus Ping.
Designed to open the lines of communication between students, faculty and security, Campus Ping, one of the many divisions under the parent company of
IQ Onsite™, will enable Campus Ping Network subscribers to initiate and receive targeted security alerts when deploying its proprietary software program that features wireless Gimbal Beacon transmitters (

According to the Pew Research Center some 85% of Americans 18-29 are SmartPhone owners, making Campus Ping widely accessible to students by using the device already in pocket.

“We have created an App that will provide a ‘silent alarm’ based on proximate GPS coordinates off and “on campus” utilizing the latest in beacon technologies” said James Woodrow, spokesperson for IQ Onsite™.

Moreover, Campus Ping’s Beacon and Hub network improves the level of location identification, in particular when used inside of buildings where GPS only systems have limitations for accuracy that can delay response times.

“While there are many Apps in the marketplace that can offer a one-way communication between a university and its students, our new communications infrastructure developed at IQ Onsite will provide a multi-tier communication platform for all,” he said. “By leveraging Gimbal Beacons on campus, Campus Ping allows for targeted communications directly to Smartphone users in a given area,” he said. “This will allow instant security alerts to be communicated to, or from, students and faculty in a particular section of a campus – immediately – should an incident occur that needs to be addressed on a safety, health and welfare level,” said Woodrow.

Here is a sampling of push notifications available through Campus Ping:
•      Faculty can press a “silent alarm” button to alert security should there be an immediate threat within a specific classroom. According to statistics, 9% of all campus teachers have reported feeling threatened in a classroom setting during their tenure as college professors, according to a recent study by the National Center of Education Statistics, IES.

•     Campus security has the ability through Campus Ping to disseminate a targeted, discrete alert to students and faculty in one or multiple quadrants of a campus, through the Gimbal Beacon network.  The interaction can enable administrators to alert users on a wide range of safety concerns including assaults, thefts, suspicious activity or other crimes.  The option of “scalable alerts” can alleviate widespread panic but get a message out to those who face immediate danger.

•      Students can have direct access to security – at any given moment –while on campus should they feel threatened. This will also allow students the ability to report crimes in action, or other disturbances, immediately.

•      Security can send a message directly to faculty – only, alerting of suspicious behavior, vandalism, or a potential threat.  In addition, Campus Ping’s system allows security to manage non-emergency requests for assistance with increased efficiency, as well as aid in officer reporting and documentation.

•     IQ Onsite also provides the capability for direct messaging for on or off-campus notifications to include but not limited to service announcements, evaluations and moreover special events and sponsorship / marketing messaging thus making Campus Ping a daily solution for all communication needs that can enhance the student experience.

“Campus Security is a multi billion dollar industry,” said Woodrow. “IQ Onsite is poised to be an early leader in SmartPhone security systems to this and other growing verticals. We are making students and faculty ‘security ambassadors’ for college campuses, and now everyone can be the ‘eyes and ears’ on campus,” said Woodrow.  “We help make college campuses a safe place to learn, and a protected environment to work at,” he said.

A custom app solution, Campus Ping will be available for Apple and Android SmartPhone users at participating colleges, universities and school districts on iTunes or Google Play. Cost to the user, whether free or fee-based, is subject to the individual terms of each participating school. The company will be exhibiting and introducing the product to security leaders at the Campus Safety National Forum in Washington DC June 25-26, 2015.

 About IQ Onsite™, Inc.
IQ Onsite™ is an innovative technology company specializing in mobile customer relationship management (mCRM) based in Nevada with offices in Las Vegas and Daytona Beach, Fla.  The company develops Apps for college campuses designed to integrate student, faculty and security communication through beacon hardware, GPS and other geo technologies that service SmartPhones.  IQ Onsite™ also develops specific Apps for health care, sports & entertainment and other high traffic properties, destinations and industries.  The corporate headquarters is located at 2630 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, Nev. 89146.  IQ Onsite™ is a member of University of Central Florida (UCF) Business Incubator program for technology and innovative marketing and is located at 601 Innovation Way, Daytona Beach, Fla., 32119.  For more information, call 702-254-5704 or visit